Greenville, North Carolina
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Reclaim The Future Flooring, butcher block, wall and window finishing, trim and moldings with amazing character and depth. Contact Us by preserving the past Beauty - Charm Character Contact Us Reclaimed wood flooring We remove old

structures and create

new beauty.
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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring made from beautifully aged and carefully restored reclaimed and recovered wood.

Custom Cabinetry

Our custom cabinetry is utterly unique, of the highest quality craftsmanship and meticulously constructed from exemplary materials

Trim stylings

We use some of our recovered woods to create truly one of a kind chair railing, door and window trimming and exquisite moldings.


We can come to your property at your request, and remove your old existing structures. Barns, outbuildings, even dilapidated homes.


These old buildings are treasure troves of exquisite materials. By going through a careful, long and arduous process, we turn these abandoned and dilapidated structures into beautiful wood products.

Custom Furniture

We even offer custom furniture pieces. We work with some of the finest wood working craftsmen in the state, delivering incredible aged and recovered wood from which they create extraordinary furnishings on a per-order basis.

Hardwood flooring, trim, windows and door treatments from reclaimed wood.

Our Vision

To bring new life to beautiful aged materials. Responsible resource management is just “renewable” materials, but renewing materials.  These old and discarded wood products are a treasure. Imbued with character, history and charm, breathing new life to these resources creates products of extraordinary and unique quality, and helps preserve newer resource materials.
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Our Mission

To create new, custom antiques, to bring a charm and character to homes that can not be found any other way and add exquisite beauty to your home in a truly unique and customized manner.
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